Hello, let us introduce ourselves!
We are Angelo and Patrizia. Our history with the Manchester Terrier and 'started in 96'. We got to know this breed by a coincidence. Didi was in a crate, looked at us with gentleness and dignity 'and' this was enough to make us fall in love with her??. Lantaka Idol, her real name. She won our heart.

With her we started to attend the exhibition, before that we shown Akita. Didi has achieved very good results. Moving house and having a lot more 'space, we purchased a male from the family Galleri (Lantaka). Lantaka King Arthur, "Arthur", a beautiful specimen who gave us great satisfaction. He won both at international and European level. A boy of great beauty.
And then 'came to Didi's time to become a mother. From this litter was born Ayrton. A wonderful and very successful male. He made a remarcable success by winning twice at the World Show Best of Breed in 2000 and 2001.
Now we have added to our family breeding a female English Eaglespur Flowers Kiwi, Kiwi.
We love this breed. Our puppies are born at home and grow with us until they are ready to be part of a new family, we seek the best for them. Our history with this fantastic breed and well bred. We want to thank you with affection and esteem for Paul and Joan Galleri for joining us and helps you choose and the knowledge of the breed. A deep thanks to Mrs. Enid Knight (Eaglespur) have sent us to Kiwi. But the best gift 'we did great with Didi Eaglespur King Hal with the birth of Ayrton.
Thanks Didi, Thanks Hal.


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